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New Terrace, New Experience!

Wpc terrace covering - GREEN DECK

We have been distributing our products for 10 years, which are deservedly popular among our customers thanks to their excellent quality! THEGreen Deck wpc patio cover, mixtures of bamboo and plastic composite material,60% bamboo and 40% plastic his joy. Recycled materials are used during production, so it is an environmentally friendly product. The advantage is that, in contrast to wooden terraces, the wpc cover does not need to be surface treated, so you can save time and money with it. Its surface does not fray or crack. The wpc deck is available in 4 colors (wenge, grey, bankirai and choco), you can easily choose according to your taste. The newest, most fashionable colors these days are wenge and grey. Bankira and choco are excellent choices for those who like traditional style.

Thanks to the unique composition of our WPC decking, it is extremely durable and long-lasting. Not only is it resistant to moisture and insects, but it is also a more durable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wooden or plastic coverings. The cover is easy to install and maintain, saving you time and money. Enjoy spending time on your patio without worrying about renovations or replacements.

Choose our WPC terrace covering and enjoy quality terrace construction!

Click Deck WPC
WPC click deck

Wall decor

We are pleased to present to you the Click and Ready WPC decking, which enables quick and easy installation in your garden or terrace. This revolutionary new system saves you time and energy, while providing a unique and aesthetic appearance to your terrace. Discover the advantages of the Click and Done system:

  1. Quick and easy installation: The Click and Ready WPC decking system allows you to easily fit the elements together, without the need for special tools or expert help. Just click on the elements and the patio cover will be ready in a few steps.

  2. Flexibility and variability: Thanks to the Click and Ready system, you can easily vary the layout and size of the patio cover. Transform your terrace according to your needs and preferences, so that it fits perfectly with your garden.

  3. Durability and weather resistance: WPC decking is made of high-quality material that is resistant to weather conditions such as UV rays, moisture and rot. Therefore, it preserves its aesthetic appearance and durability in the long term.

  4. Easy maintenance: The click-and-ready WPC decking is easy to keep clean. Simply clean the surface with water and a mild detergent and your patio will shine again.

Colors: choco, banirai, wenge, grey.


  • Size: 31x31x2cm

  • Packaging: 11 pcs / box

  • Package size: 31x31x24 cm

  • Contents of 1 box, including the clip! : 1,057 sqm

Clikk deck wpc covering from the GREEN DECK range. Very simple installation, you just have to snap the elements together. It can even be done at home! It can also be applied to a straight surface or existing terrace covering. There is also a plastic system at the bottom of the 30*30 cm board, with which the elements can be easily stacked.

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Click Deck

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